Frequently asked questions
Time:2019-5-20 380



1、Q: What is the speed of the drone?


      A: The cruising speed is 9m/sec. Maximum speed 19m / sec.

2、Q: What is the flight endurance time of the drone?


   A:The flight endurance time is related to the aircraft model and load conditions. Generally,  the drone could keep 73 min no load in the life.

3、Q:Does the drone have a visual obstacle avoidance system?


     A:Drone do not have visual obstacle avoidance functions, aerial survey drones are all in high-altitude operations and do not work in complex urban environments.

4、Q:How long does the fully charged drone remote control last? How long does it take to fully charge?

     A:The remote control can work continuously for 10 hours when fully charged.

5、Q:How should the battery be stored for a long time? How long is the longest storage period?

      A:If the battery is not used for more than 10 days, it is recommended to discharge the battery to a single-chip voltage of 3.8-3.85V. It should not be stored under low pressure or high pressure ,it should be charged and discharged once a month to maintain activity.