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FZ550/Aerial Vehicle

drones for surveying and mapping


The FZ550 is a high-end rotor UAV solution with the modular design.It has managed to re-define the definition of the multiple-rotor UAV by numerous advantages it possessed, including the scientific design of its internal structure, the façade fitted perfectly with Aerodynamics, fully automatic controlling system, accurate differential positioning technique and reliable analysis for uncertainties(RMS).


·Accurate Position
Advanced RTK module to achieve flight position accuracy down to centimetre level
·Quick Assembly and Disassembly
Users can quickly assemble in 5 minutes
·Precise Flight Control System 
Advanced differential conception and high-wind resistant, self-adapting to extreme flight situations
·Security Mechanism
There are a series of security mechanisms which ensure safe and reliable drone operation. 



Drone Mode No.: FZ550  (aerial  vehicle )
Single Rotor Wingspan380mm
Take-off weight9.5kg (zero-load mode)
Flight Endurance

- 70min (with no load)

-50min (with standard  load)
Flight Altitude5000m