The aerial mapping drone is the solution to smart city development. The drone & UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) mapping platform features technology for surveying and coordinating.

Multi-rotor drone

Multi-rotor drone


The FZ540 uses high-resistance carbon fiber material that provides stable and flexible design with low noise characteristics. It is very convenient for transportation and assembly, and has strong industrial applicability.
The FZ540 is suitable to conduct projects in towns and populated areas.It can be used in various fields, such as aerial filming, aerial investigation, smuggling investigation, terrorists investigation, highway monitoring, geologic survey, landscape mapping, environment protection, disaster monitoring and emergency rescue, etc.

uav drone


Drone Mode No.: FZ540  (aerial vehicle )
Single Rotor Wingspan485mm
Take-off weight10kg (zero-load mode)
Flight Endurance

- 58min (with no load)

- 45min (with standard load)
Flight Altitude4000m